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Prince William set to make key move to ensure Princess Kate feels special on crucial date

Prince William set to make key move to ensure Princess Kate feels special on crucial date

Prince William and Princess Kate are celebrating their 13th wedding anniversary tomorrow and it looks like it will be a special one for the Princess of Wales.

Princess Kate and Prince William hugging

The Prince and Princess of Wales will be celebrating 13 years of marriage tomorrow and the heir to the throne is said to make the day a special one for his beloved wife.

Prince William and Princess Kate wedding took place on Friday, April 29, 2011, at Westminster Abbey in London, with the ceremony being watched by millions of people worldwide.

This year, following Kate’s cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment, the celebration is bound to be “very private”, according to King Charles’s former butler, Grant Harrold.

Mr Harrold, who worked for the monarch for seven years at Highgrove House, claimed William will make sure Kate is spoiled this year and could make one particular move he’s now famous for.

Speaking on behalf of Spin Genie, the former royal butler said: “We’ve got the anniversary of William and Catherine on the 29th of April.

The Prince and Princess of Wales's wedding day

The Prince and Princess of Wales’s wedding took place at Westminster Abbey in London

“With everything going on with Kate, that won’t be a public thing, that’s going to be very private.

“Behind closed doors I’m sure William will work to make sure she’s spoiled. It’s possible William might cook, he’s quite a good cook so it’s possible he might do a little meal or something. Again, it’s just going to be a private affair between the two of them.

“Once again, there’ll still be an exchange of gifts, I have no doubt they will give each other a gift, I’ve no doubt they will exchange cards.

“I’ve no doubt that there’ll be a special meal for them, whether it’s a meal where they invite friends and family, or just them. Again, well wishers will pass on their love with cards.

Princess Kate and Prince William hugging

Princess Kate and Prince William married in 2011

“Also, people do send gifts. Obviously not all the gifts are passed on, but they are made aware of the gifts and where appropriate, they are passed on. If you think of the sheer volume that comes in, it’s just not always possible.”

It comes as the couple have faced a difficult start to 2024, with the Princess of Wales being admitted to hospital for abdominal surgery back in January before post-op tests found cancer a month later.

Since then, she’s been undergoing preventative chemotherapy with her return to royal duties still unknown.

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